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Fear of Flowers Part 1

when you lose bludger control


Quick tip for those who may not know, Kamala Khan’s first name is pronounced ‘Kam-La’ as opposed to ‘Ka-Ma-La’

Might not seem like a big deal, but she’s the first (and thus far only) South Asian superhero to have her own title, and the closest thing some of us have to representation in comics, so I really hope people get her name right :)

Anyway, can’t wait for issue #7!

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Ready for Halloween


I’m sorry friend, she’s made her decision



I work as an in-house graphic designer. I build ads and marketing campaigns using resources from our vendors. The client, in this case, is an internationally famous candy maker.

Me: The image you sent me is really low resolution. Can you please provide me with a hi-res…


K, but, James had a friend facing bigotry and he became an illegal animagus to help make that friend’s life better.

Snape had a friend facing bigotry and he joined up with the bigots.

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Some of the very best subtitles

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